Club Sync presents GAIKA (UK) 7/6/17

Club Sync is a platform to showcase a range of underrepresented experimental artists - loosely unified by their desire to express something emotional, beautiful and eruptive. Operating both online and through parties, Club Sync is an interactive space that celebrates the healing and energising qualities of music.

Club Sync, along with wimeik., Paradise and Mellum present for their debut Australian live performances:

GAIKA (UK) - live with band - 

Brixton producer and vocalist Gaika Travares recently signed to Warp Records where they released their latest work, Spaghetto.

"With a warped, electronic blend of grime, dance hall, garage, hip hop and R&B, GAIKA takes the sonic textures of the streets and crafts them into brand new, glistening shapes."

Also drawing from their Jamaican and Grenadian heritage, GAIKA's music combines an array of diverse inspirational sources and spans both heartbreaking ballads and hard-hitting club tracks. They do this with moving coherence and consistency, making their live shows an entrancing exploration of a considered arrangement of influences and emotions. 

"Gaika is able to fuse vernacular forms into the sounds of popular culture in ways that are pleasurably disruptive and undeniably in your face."

Along with:


Part of club collective, EVE, Jikuroux is a producer, event-organiser and fire remixer from Sydney. Releasing her debut EP Ruptured Pulse on Air Max 97's DECISIONS label, Jikuroux is set to release more music later this year and is a very special guest to join the line up in Adelaide just before she heads to Berlin to perform at the Berghain the following week. 

Her music is described as "beautiful, precise compositions that employ the brutal metallic crashing, crumbling sonic hallmarks of club music with a more exacting touch than we've heard before. It's a cavernous, wet record that's much more human than machine."

Her DJ sets will leave you elated and out of breath.


Tickets are available for purchase here as well as at the door on the night if not sold out. Facebook event here.

In addition to this incredibly exciting line up, this party is a particularly special celebration as it will be the last Club Sync show in Adelaide!

Club Sync